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A Few Notes on the Comparative History of Estonia
Estonia within the essentially Baltic framework ?though differing linguistically from Baltic German-rooted/or Baltic Slavic-rooted people? draw attention by virtue of her socio-cultural depth, which is certainly disproportionate to her relatively small population. The popularity and usage of the Estonian language has held an important place in Eston people?s cultural heritage within the continuation of its existence, sustaining its identity against the passage of time. A better understanding of the historical issues which overlap with the Turkish and Estonian cultural wealth and political life may be obtained through a comparative study of the history of both countries. Therefore, instead of introducing a great number of contradictory views or materials, this study aims to encourage further scholarly curiosity by assessing the destiny and the similarities or differences within the history of state foundation and that of cultural background of the two countries.Primarily, it should be remembered, not only in terms of cultural interaction but also in terms of the bilateral relations between Turkey and Estonia, that Atatürk?s Turkey had been one of the first countries to have recognized (in 1924) the independence of Estonia declared in 1918.<

Estonia, Turkey, Atatürk, history, language.

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