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The Culture of Canned Foods in Daghestan and its Contibution to Family Budget
This study describes some characteristics of canned food culture in Dagestani society, and draws attention into its economic importance for society and its impact on family budget. On the other hand, it puts out the interrelationship between culture and economy. Dagestanes learnt canned culture from Russians, but by the time they could contribute it and made it their own culture. Although the production of canned food has decreased in the factories due to not to be able to keep pase with modern thechnologies and occuring economic crises, people prepare canned food in their households more than that before. The reason underlining such a difference is that the governments could not take necessary measures to improve the technologies in canned food industry, but people could succeed to continue their useful cultural habit. Our survey research has showed that 98 percent of the families made canned food every year. They have formed many new norms and values concerning the canning culture. The average of canned food produced by Dagestani families per year is approximately 100 balon (300 litres). Thus it has appeared that canned food culture today plays a vital role in overcoming economic crises in Dagestani society by contributing family budged. We can say that canned food is a good and true answer to the question "What have you prepared today for tomorrow?". <

canned food, culture, canned food culture, culture-economy relations, Dagestan, Derbend

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