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Migration in the 16th Cectury Anatolia: Şarkiyan
Tahrir Registers have an important place within the present archive sources as they include the information about governmental, economic and social structure of Ottoman Empire. In the light of tahrir registers, many cities of Ottoman Empire have been scrutinized. The issue about which researschers ,who work on various cities and counties, agree in the frame of Tahrir registers is that there appeared a population increase in the 16th century Anatolia. Generally, most of the researchers state that, in the places they worked in this century, the population increased twofold, and they mention about an excessive population increase. Despite this existing population increase , in the tahrir studies which were done for the areas within the borders of Turkey, the issue of migration, which has an important place from the aspect of explaining the demographic structure, which is inside or outside of Ottoman/Anatolia and contributing the population increase, either has never been scrutinized, or have been procrastinated by mentioning about it just two paragraphs without showing any statistics. In the Tahrir registers, within the existing information about migration, the records such as şarki, şarkiyan or şarklu take attention. What the concept of şark is within the Tahrir registers has not been explained exactly since there isn’t any discrete study about it. In this study, which will be done in the frame of tahrir registers, what the term şark means will be tried to revealed in the light of information which more than fifty city or town centre existing in Middle and East Anatolia and this information will be evaluated in the context of migration.<

Tahrir Registers, 16th century, Migration, Safevi, Otoman.

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