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The Emergence of the Pontos Question and Pro-Pontos Activities in the Black Sea Region
The Black Sea Region hasn't concerned with Greeks from the point of view political cultural and social. In contrast with this situation, many Turkish societies, first of which was Kimmers, have got established in this region from antiquity. This argument is supported by Turkish words from church and baptism records belong to Comnenos Kingdom. Nonethelesss The Greece State, Greek Patriarchate at Istanbul, metropolitians and many Greek societies have advanced a claim an unreal Pontos-Grcek State and have had political and military operations in Black Sea Region. In these claim and activities they have intermingled the Pontos Kingdom established in 298 BC to Comnenos Kingdom at Trebizond established ac 1203 AC. For this purpose, Greek activities gathered during Turkish National Struggle by support of European States. These activities failed thanks to sensitive attitude of regional people and decisive policies of Turkish National Assembly. During the National Struggle, Greeks in Black Sea Region gave support to Greek activities. These population were sent to Greece according to exchange agreement signed at Lausanne Peace Conference.<

Pontos Question, Black Sea, Patriarchate, Hrisantos, Greek activities

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