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The Population Exchange Between Turkey and Greece and the Feeding Questions of the Immigrants in Kırşehir
As it known the rise of Ottoman Empire has been declined in XVII th century. And it began to loss of its territory at the early stage in XVIII th century. There had been an intensive pressure and torture on the Turks and Moslems on the lost territory of Ottoman in XIX th century. The Turks and Moslems have been forced to evacuate their motherlands and migrate to other districts by huge groups. In this study the outcome of the First world War, the Greece occupation of Izmir and the torture and pressure on the Moslem inhabitants of Izmir, the exchange of the prisoners of war, Lausanne Peace Treaty, the exchange of hostile Turkish and Greek women settled in Kırşehir, and the feeding problems of Lebanese Akilzade and his friends residing in Kırşehir have been examined in detail in the light of archive documents, respected articles and a number of selective books and studies.<

Population Exchange, Prisoner of War, Immigrant, Lausanne Peace Treaty

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