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Methods of Staff Reinforcement in Organizations: Staff Reinforcement in Turkish Public Administration
As a natural consequences of concepts such as the international competi-tion, globalization, technological developments and changes of the customer expectations, and transition from industrial society into information society, the significance of human resources have gradually increased for organizations and thereby considerably stressing the importance of human concept. The satisfaction of the human resources has become the success of the organizations. Therefore, it is now a necessity that the high performance and substantial organizations should strictly have enterprising, skilled and high performance, flexible and adaptable staff at the new recent developments. It is of vital importance to have an efficient, productive, rational and well designed human resources management today. In this point, it is also sub-stantial to ensure a well worker selection, training and planning, accurate and uninterrupted performance management system, as well as a process including the face to face relations and strategic human resources compo-nents focused on human resources through an efficient empowerment for empowered and powerful workers. Empowerment has become one of the essential management methods to be employed in order for enabling the organizational competition advantage with regard to management. Taking the responsibility and authorization of the personnel related to the position, and the authorization to make decision for the relevant position that is, strengthening are designated for increasing the organizational efficiency. Empowerment the personnel is of importance for adapting the responsibility of the personnel at organizational targets. It is therefore considered that empowerment increases the organizational satisfaction and efficiency and provide the competition advantage and increase the service quality by increasing the work satisfaction and organizational commitment. <

Human resources management, personnel, empowerment, organizational targets, empowerment methods impl

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