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From Tayyare to Plane; Donations Made by The Turkish People to The Turkish Air Industry
Since the beginning of 20 century, the West led to significant achievements in the field of aviation. All kinds of physical impossibility, even though the Turks did not stay away from developments in the field of aviation. Problems of the Young Republic and Ottoman Empire’s economy are severe. For this reason, the air force does not have enough aircraft. Air force needed aircraft in a significant amount. Symbol of heroism and sacrifice of the people of Anatolia, the country’s development and restructuring of air power struggle with providing integrated army. Especially during the first years of the republic, a large participation of the society has been involved in campaign donations in support of air power. Turkish women, peasants, businessmen, industrialists, military, air forces to sincerely support the national and religious obligation to strengthen the awareness that this sector has started to work in a planned way with deliberate steps. Turkish air industry in the world at the end of this process has become respectable.<

Plane, Donation, Air Force, Air Industry, Ataturk.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları "73. Sayı" yayınlandı

    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 73. sayı yayınlandı

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