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The Concept of Homeland in Poems of Kaisyn Kuliyev
The concept of homeland, one of the most popular leitmotifs in poetry, has been discussed by many poets. It is only natural to see many more literary works dwelling on this concept when the homeland is occupied or under threat. In a similar way Karachay-Balkar Turks witnessed the invasion of their country during World War II and subsequently were exiled for treason. Kaysin Kuliyev made his debut in the literary circles at a time when art was almost completely made a vehicle for propaganda during the Repression Period in Russia and soon became a pioneer with his poems on homeland and nature. He is one of the founders of Modern Balkar literature. This article studies the concept of homeland in the poetry of Kaisyn Kuliyev who is considered to be the greates poet of Karachay-Balkar Turks. <

Karachay-Balkar Turks, Literature of Karachay-Balkar, Kaisyn Kuliyev, Poetry of Kaisyn Kuliyev, conc

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