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Reflections of the Migrations from Cyprus to Turkey in the Cyprus Turkish Press (1923-1938)
The Lausanne Peace Pact and English Sovereignty upon Cyprus were officially recognized by Turkey. Moreover, the 19th and 20th acts of the pact made clear the citizenship issue and for those who decided to stay Turkish citizenship were provided leaving the island. On the basis of these acts the migration which started in 1923 was in progress till 1938. Especially, the high school graduates who were known as nationalists and Ataturkist/Kemalist stayed in the island. Staying on the island was regarded as ‘Revilement’ to the nationalism, enlightens and literate people preferred to leave the island. The prominent newspapers of the Cypriot press “Doğru Yol” and “Söz gazeteleri”– which were known with the closeness to the Turkey – have supported the migration. In spite of that, the newspapers ‘Birlik’ and ‘Ses’ which was published for first time in 1935 took a stand against the migration. In this study, based on the news from the Turkish press newspapers Doğru yol, Söz, Birlik, Hakikat, will be emphasized the problems of the Cypriot Turks in the island after the Laussanne Peace Pact and the views about the migration of Cypriot Turks from the island to the Anatolia. <

Cyprus, Cypriot Turks, Turkey, Lausanne Peace Pact, Press, Migration Question.

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