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Elements Regarding Sovereignty in Dede Korkut Stories
Dede Korkut stories, formed of stories belonging to Oghuz Turks, have been the theme of quite a few researchs in literature and history up till now. Elements regarding sovereignty are also involved in these stories, reflecting the life of Turkish culture in terms of various points. Sovereignty, which may be described as the rulership of a power in general, is one of the basic existing provision of a state. In Dede Korkut stories, there isn’t spoken of the presence of a state but it is understood that there is a superior political authority. From the stories understood, Oghuz Turks have a state and this state is a mechanzim, ongoing from of old. This fact shows one more time that, Turks have a tradition of state and its root extends to pretty much back. <

Dede Korkut stories, Oghuz Turks, Turkish culture, sovereignty, state

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