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A Research on Personnel Participation to Decision Making Process in Turkish Municipal System
Municipalities, that had been transformed into formations that serve democratic and participatory services which relied on desires and proposals of public by taking their trust and support, contribute to creation and flourishing of consciousness of townsmanship and also enhance sense of solidarity, integrity, belonging and cooperation among members of the town. Municipalities, as the closest service units to the public in terms of public administration, are the essential not only in terms of democracy but also for providing effectiveness and efficiency of local services. As a natural consequence, with aim of keeping pace with current developments to satisfy public needs, municipalities have begun to develop strategies for betterment of their services. One of the most crucial points in terms of municipality services is measuring of the level of public’s satisfaction in process of service providing and in that respect initiation of regulative and preventive practices to provide citizen-oriented services. The basic mechanism for sustaining the citizen oriented service rendering can be possible by strengthening the efficiency of public participation in decision making processes. On the other hand, ensuring the participation to decision making processes is also another dimension of the codetermination. By assuring of the active participation of the personnel to the decision making processes while motivation of the personnel, betterment of the decision’s quality, balancing of the personal aims with the aims of the organization, improvement of the productivity can be actualized, it also prevents diminishing of employee turnover rates together with clashes and conflicts. This research, that aims to analyze the elasticity concerning the public participation and personnel participation in Turkish Municipal system, initiated in provincial municipalities of Turkey. In this research, 16 metropolitan municipalities are not put under consideration and 65 provincial municipalities are taken into account as main subject. In determination of the sample, random selection is applied for 65 provincial municipalities and 20 of them are selected. Within these sample units, 450 personnel has been involved into survey and 378 valid survey are considered for evaluation. The pilot scheme of surveys are conducted on 50 personnel of Kırıkkale Municipality and in line with its results, necessary arrangements have been applied for finalization of the survey.

Municipality, codetermination, public participation, the relationship between gender and participati

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