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The Diplomatic Maneuvers of Turkey in World War II
The years between 1939 and 1945 corresponded with the Second World War, an extremely destructive period in which the countries of the world were subject to disintegration into the Allied and Axis Powers. Against the rise of German and Italian Fascism, the western democracies of Great Britain and the USA formed an alliance with the communist Soviet Union. Turkey had experienced the trauma of the First World War, had taken on the burden of the Ottoman Empire, which had already collapsed, and had fought the War of Independence after invasion by international forces. The Republic of Turkey was founded on principles in line with those of western democracies but was tired, lacked adequate military and economic resources, and had resolved not to take part in war unless its territorial integrity came under threat, a threat that was realized in the Second World War. Turkish politics were based on the decision to survive by maintaining the nation’s territorial integrity. <


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