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Bosniaks Immigration to Eskisehir After the Austrian Occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Case of the Village Lütfiye
In contrast to its growing period, the Ottoman Empire followed an inward settlement policy after losing the dynamism in 19th century dissolution period. In this direction, the Ottoman Empire opened the doors to its old citizens who are remaining in captivity and various persecutions and in the face of difficulties torture and forced migration in the former territories and tried to do what is necessary for them to be able to in land settlement. After leaving the administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria-Hungary, Bosnians lost their dominant nation status, additionally administrative, political, social, economic and cultural policies against Bosnians made by Austria-Hungary, and chaos and insecurity led to migrations from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian immigrants from the former Ottoman territories are placed to the various parts of Anatolia by the Ottoman Empire. Eskişehir is the one of the major regions, Bosnians, as well as other migrants are placed in. With its geographic location, climate, transportation facilities, the resources of the efficient and vacant lands Eskisehir has become one of the most important settlements for migrants, over time, the city has become a city of immigrants. Thanks to immigrants, social and cultural life is revitalized agriculture, animal husbandry and commercial activities are improved. These situation shave made Eskisehir attractive and livable city. One of the places where Bosniaks are placed in is Lütfiye village in Mihalıççık town. Around1898-1900, Lütfiye village is founded by Bosnian immigrants. In the beginning, it was a closed community; marriages are made in themselves to try tokeep their culture alive, but over time though the effect of culture, religion and cultural similarities, they adapted to the local society. Bosniaks who have enriched the social life with their different traditions and culture, have also provided important benefits especially in the construction works. By setting up their own businesses, they contribute to the production part of the business and also agriculture and animal husbandry. During the war years, Lütfiye Village Bosnians provided additional support to the state, soldiers when necessary. With their economic and cultural aspects, Bosniaks who have an important place in Eskişehir and Turkey have seen themselves as a part of Turkish and Muslim identity. <

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosniak, Bosnian, Immigrant, Lütfiye Village, Balkans, Eskişehir.

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