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The Volgograd Attacks, Sochi Olympics and the Caucasus
By the dissolution of Soviete Union, Russian Federation has faced with the rising ethnical nationalism and demands of indepence in the Caucasia, and two extensive war in Chechnya has taken place as a result of these demands. Russia, which seemed to have control in the region after the Second Chechen War briefly, has distracted its political and military attention once again to Caucasus as religious radicalism has spread to first Dagestan and after that to Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. Though terrorist attacks are generally in low intensity, they are persistent and radical groups threats the regional security and makes name for themselves by occasional sensational attacks. Volgograd attacks that happened just before the Sochi Olympics, which has a very important role for Russian Federation’s mid-long term policies in the region, has once again showed how difficult it is for Russia to establish stability in the region.<

Russia, Caucasia, Sochi, Abkhazia, Terrorism

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