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The Study of the Violations of Vowel Harmony (Disharmony) in the Dialects of Azerbaijan Turkish in Iran
The purpose of this paper is to study the violations of vowel harmony (disharmony) in the dialects of Azerbaijan Turkish in Iran. In fact, the researcher has made an attempt to find a reliable answer to the question "Are there any violations in regard with vowel harmony in the speech of the Azerbaijan Turks in Iran?" Using the necessary linguistic data, the author of the paper has attempted to find and show the violations of vowel harmony and the related causes in the above-mentioned dialects of Azerbaijan Turkish (a synchronic study). The results of the study showed that the violations are mostly observed in the loanwords, though we observe some violations caused by other languages and internal changes in some native words, too. The writer comes to the conclusion that to minimize the degree of the violations, the use of loanwords should be avoided, especially in the cases where there are equivalent native words. <

vowel harmony, disharmony, Dialects of Azerbaijan Turkish, loanwords, Phonology

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