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Review of the Opinions of Teaching Staff Concerning the Nuclear Power Plants Planned to Be Built in Turkey (Sample of Sinop)
There are several dimensions and examples of the state of the markets of Turkey entering into the domination of the international capital. One of these is, no doubt, the fact that the nuclear power plants are allowed to be built. Depending on the economic developments in the world, the attempts to build nuclear power plants inTurkey almost go hand in hand with Turkey’s keeping pace with such developments. Although the Nuclear Power Plant building attempts date back to the post-World War II as in the other examples in the world, it can be stated that today’s neoliberal economic developments have made the process visible. In order to unveil this situtation and test the assumptions put forward, we asked the opinions of the teaching staff working for Sinop University concerning the Nuclear Power Plants planned to be built in Sinop. We have already known that the result we obtain is closely related to the answers to the questions for whom, for what puspose, and how the world resources, the solution of the problem, should be used. Therefore, we asked the participants the questions concerned. The answers to the questions are significant in revealing whether they are in favour of the fact that a couple of people ruthlessly exploit the world resources to safegurar their own interests , or that the earth, which belongs to all living creatures equally, should be arranged for their benefits. Majority of the teaching staff taking part in the nuclear power plant discussion allowed us to reach the arguments which mean capitalism and ecology cannot coexist. <

dialectical methodolgy, neoliberalism, ecology, Sinop Peninsula, nuclear power plant

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